By Abby Koshollek

As we reflect on 2017, we have much to be thankful for and proud of. One of the things we are most proud of is the great success of our first annual Poetry Jam and Silent Auction at the Urban Growler in Minneapolis in November! We had over 100 people in attendance, hosted 10 amazing artists, and raised just under $2000 throughout the night! We absolutely could not have done it without our team of amazing volunteers, our fearless leader Ivy, and all of those who attended and supported us. We are so excited to see where this event goes in the future and to grow with our amazing partners, artists, and supporters.

We wanted to share with you all of the incredible talent and generous people and businesses that helped make it happen. Check out their work or their businesses and show them love.


Danielle Baghdanov featuring Nyttu Chongo

Dr. Joi Lewis 

Dr. Sheronda 

Emily Chermak 

Karen Gustafson

Karin Galloway Egge

Lydia Wilkie

Mattie Silver

Suzi Hunn


Silent Auction Donors

3M-Joanne Harvala

Allure Intimate Apparel

Ashley Koudou


Common Good Books 

Espresso Royale

Fair Anita 

Impact Hub-Danielle Steer 

Ivy Kaminsky

Janelle Wasilk

Lotus & Sage-Jenner Linden

Kathryn Berg

Nicolas O’Cleary


Punch Pizza 

Ryan Jacobson

Sixth Chamber Used Books


Sushi Tango

Suzi Hunn

Timeless Essential Oils

Urban Growler

Below is a snippet of from one of our wonderful guests, Meghan Gustafson, for those of you who couldn’t make it or who want to relive the experience.

The Poetry Jam was a beautiful event backed up by a great team of individuals working for a wonderful cause, the perfect event space for it, and the turn out to prove the organization’s overwhelming support despite being in their infancy. The Urban Growler had an incredible set up for such a large group that felt open, and yet, instill a sense of intimacy and closeness while the “Jammers” were at the mic. To hear so many people share their innermost feelings about various personal and social issues gave me such a sense of oneness with one another. I left feeling inspired and empowered to reach out and speak out against the vulnerabilities and disparities that continue to plague our society. I was so proud to have been an attendee at the event, and give support for Find Your Power. I look forward to future events! Power on Ladies!

We can’t wait to start planning Poetry Jam 2018 and incorporating more local talent while supporting local businesses! What a great experience to see firsthand; everyone’s efforts came together to make a difference. We plan to do the event annually in the fall, so keep your eyes peeled for more information later in the year. If you (or someone you know) are interested in being one of our spoken word artists or would like to donate an item to our silent auction, please contact Katie Gustafson at