Looking To Get Involved With Find Your Power?

Interested in Working For a Small-Scale, Fast Growing Nonprofit? Find Your Power offers a multitude of internships and volunteer experiences for individuals looking to get involved in nonprofit work. Specifically focusing on empowering womxn of all backgrounds and situations.

Our team works towards the same goals while uplifting one another to continue spreading awareness of Find Your Power’s mission to elevate underrepresented women and inspire transformational growth by listening to their needs, curating and connecting to relevant resources, and building a strong community that values the success of all womxn. At Find Your Power, you’ll have the opportunity to work in a diverse setting which is very vital in a rapidly globalizing economy and workplace.

Internships & Volunteers

Upon completion at Find Your Power, Ivy would gladly provide a letter of recommendation for future jobs/experiences
As a nonprofit CEO, Ivy has various connections in the industry and has assisted former interns/volunteers with networking in a professional setting
In an internship position, you have the opportunity to get involved with different projects outside of your original area(s) of work. This presents an opportunity to learn new skills through hands on work and collaboration with other interns.

FYP does not like to fit people in boxes, every member of our team has unique gifts and talents. So, if you have skills and talents not listed here, or a unique interest or combination of talents that you would like to offer us, we would love to hear about them!

Please email ivy@findyourpower.org to let us know of your interest so we can figure out how we can join forces in creating a better world. We look forward to hearing from you!