To elevate underrepresented women and embolden transformational growth by listening to their needs, curating and connecting to relevant resources, and building a strong community that values the success of all womxn.


As the leader and soul of Find Your Power, I believe the culture of an organization is important and starts with me, because the leader is the soul of an organization. So it’s my job to try to maintain these connections to promote interconnection. I believe that conversations = connection.

We at Find Your Power are, first and foremost, a people-centered culture; that begins with us and goes all the way to the individual womxn we serve. When the culture erodes, that means connections aren’t happening. This is why it’s important that we see each other as often as possible, even when working remotely. How we treat each other and our supporters is important, along with valuing what each person brings to the table. Being comfortable and having fun creates happy people, and because happy people do great work! My aim is to create a place where people want to be. Through ensuring that FYP is a place where you can truly be yourself, learn, grow, and find a sense of purpose in your day-to-day work.


DIVERSITYWe believe that incorporating diversity into our team makes us better ambassadors for empowerment. Our team of varied perspectives, backgrounds, and talents allows us to better serve diverse populations to help them find their power.

COLLABORATIONThe best ideas are born through the expansive experiences of team effort. We are proud to be the product of many collaborations, gathering the thoughts and experiences of many minds along the way.

INCLUSIONWithout an inclusive outlook, reaching parts of the world, with all of its cultural diversity, would be a lost cause. We understand that being inclusive not only means helping those in need, but engaging and connecting with the people we are helping in a way that is non-invasive to their cultural way of life. This means accounting for the cultural differences among the different groups we engage with.

POSITIVE SOCIAL IMPACTOur focus on creating positive social impact at home and across the globe, right now and for future generations is what motivates our team to work diligently and purposefully. We are so excited to watch our impact take shape and grow to reach women throughout the world. 

RESPECTWith all humans holding unique and inherent dignity, we embrace steadfast respect for all internal team members along with all people groups worldwide. We believe that a baseline of respect allows for deeper connections between individuals, connections that build a stronger world.