What We Do and How We Do It

Expanding Internet and Resource Access


What Do We Do?

What's Our Primary Goal?

Our primary goal is to serve underrepresented women who have experienced abuse. We do that by connecting them with resources.

What's Our Secondary Goal?

Our secondary goal is to help purpose-driven professionals. We do this by tapping into Ivy's knowledge as a nonprofit founder and business owner. All proceeds for these efforts help fund the efforts with our primary market.

How do we accomplish our goals?

  • We have researched and collected a full library of resources including free local services for abuse victims, and general empowerment and growth exercises, videos, services, workshops, etc..
  • We have partnerships with local businesses and organizations that help further our connections and the success of the women we serve (i.e. give away free devices, help with affordable internet, offer free business services, etc.
  • We have self-empowerment workshops and online courses to train and guide you.
  • We hold events, such as Poetry Jam and Your Best Year Yet virtual retreat.
  • We provide consulting services to business owners.
  • Lastly, we sell merchandise to help fund our cause.