By Sarah Mueller

With COVID-19 in full swing and the holiday season approaching, some might be wondering “Is 2020 over yet??” The holiday season can really be a stressful and lonely time for many people. And now that we are throwing a global pandemic into the mix, feelings of isolation might be an even more common theme than it already has been. I am right there with you, if you can’t wait for this year to be over. For all of you feeling this way, know that you are not alone! Also know that there are many things that we can do to get out of our holiday season funk.

First of all, let’s start by being kind to ourselves! Know that your feelings of isolation and loneliness are valid and it’s OK to be feeling what you’re feeling. Don’t beat yourself up! Feel those feelings, but try not to sulk in them for too long. 

If you’re waking up and automatically feeling dreadful of the day to come, start your morning by thinking or writing out the things that you are grateful for that day. Write as many as 20 things. It might seem hard to write 20 whole things you are grateful for, but they don’t need to be huge things! Something as small as being grateful for hot coffee in the morning or a sunny day will do the trick. Also, don’t you dare start thinking down on yourself. Think about or write down all of the things that you love about yourself! Although these exercises seem simple, they are very effective! 

“Do good, feel good.” 

We’ve all heard this phrase before. Guess what? It really works wonders. The idea is that by doing something good for another person, you will in return receive what some might call a happiness “high.” You also don’t need to do anything crazy, but something as easy as holding the door open for someone, complimenting someone, or sending a nice text to a friend or family member will do the trick. Doing acts of kindness like these sorts of things will also help you feel more connected to other people. I don’t know about you, but I could definitely use a little bit more connection with people, especially during this pandemic.

In fact, feeling connected to others makes us kind. Research has shown that feeling connected to other people makes us feel happier and healthier. This is something that we wanted to incorporate into our end of the year campaign, Holiday Hope. For this campaign, we wanted to find a way to help out other organizations, while also recognizing the important lady bosses and bad asses in our lives. To participate, we ask you to donate in any amount, in honor of a womxn who has inspired you in some way. We are taking 15% of that donation and donating it to another organization in the Twin Cities that has a similar mission to our own. If you have a ladyboss or badass in your life that you want to acknowledge, this sounds like the perfect opportunity for you!

Another way to help you feel connected to others is through Zoom-ing with family or friends that you haven’t seen in awhile. This is something that I have started to incorporate into my life over the past 6 months. It helps me feel more connected to my friends even though I haven’t been able to see them for awhile. Consider setting up a happy hour or eat your dinner together over Zoom! It feels almost like you’re in the same room. USA Today even posted an article on the best games to play virtually! 

I’ve also been connecting with others through Netflix Party. Through a downloadable extension on your computer, you are able to watch a movie on Netflix and instant message with a friend. If you have to pause the movie for whatever reason, it will pause their movie too! If you’re someone who misses going to the movies or misses watching movies with friends, this is a great idea! 

We are going to have to get creative this holiday season. Although this might not be the holiday season you were dreaming of, connecting with others through the internet will help make it feel special! In the meantime, work on being kind to yourself and participate in our FYP Connections Through Kindness Challenge. 

One random act of kindness + One recurring connection + one spontaneous connection = a deeper connections December.

Happy holidays from us at Find Your Power! We will see you next year! 

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