Many of us take for granted the power of independence. Throughout childhood, into adolescence, college, and beyond, people are in pursuit of independence; however, many are deprived of independence and self-agency for reasons beyond their control. Womxn are among those in this world who face the most societal and systemic hurdles, primary among them is access to information. Information plays a vital role in exercising rights, developing political consciousness, and enabling personal independence. Access to information is a fundamental right enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Over 90 countries claim a statutory right to information, however, many of them limit the access and full enjoyment of this right to half of their population.

The scarcity of accessibility to basic resources and information via the internet, especially for womxn in developing countries, creates an overall lack of agency (which leads to dependence, financially and otherwise). Conflated by an intimidation of technology, especially in older generations, womxn are kept outside of technological circles. These womxn are unable to discover the basic resources such as local job searches, online education, and how and where to find more markets for their products and services that help them gain independence and freedom from societal chains. Find Your Power is determined to ensure the equity of access to information. Through the promotion of digital inclusion and creating educated, digitally literate individuals, communities can be empowered. We believe connecting womxn and encouraging the sharing of resources can help bridge the gap within our community.

Beyond information access, Find Your Power is committed to exploring and confronting the other threats womxn face. According to the World Health Organization, almost one third of womxn worldwide have experienced some form of physical and/or sexual violence by their partner at some point in their lives. These experiences don’t occur in a vacuum, they’re a part of larger cycles. We at FYP gear our efforts towards womxn in hopes of breaking the cycles that perpetuate womxn being segregated into lower paying occupations, bearing the costs of raising children, and domestic and sexual violence that push womxn into the cycle of poverty.

We are dedicated to creating a space and culture that emphasizes empowerment and community amongst womxn and individuals from all backgrounds.