Empowering Women


Who We Are

Find Your Power (FYP) is a certified 501(c)(3) non-profit that focuses on empowering underrepresented women through education, whether that be through workshops, events catered specifically to women, and usually hosted at women-owned facilities, or our online resource library. We are powered by an amazing team of interns that identify with our mission and are driven by the purpose of our organization.

What We Do

Find Your Power is an organization that empowers women by fostering connections and cultivating community among them. With the goal of creating a network of mutual support, FYP provides spaces for women of both diverse and similar situations to actualize their full potential. At FYP, we are expanding to work with purpose-driven professional women in order to support the work that we do with underrepresented women. We also work to elevate, network and publicize women-owned businesses in the Twin Cities Area. 

Specifically, FYP is working to launch programs for these women to begin weaving a network of support. We want to create opportunities for women with similar goals or phases of life to gather for the exchange of ideas, encouragement, and accountability. For now, FYP works only with these communities of women within the US, mainly Minnesota, but we hope in the near future to extend this project internationally. 

Our primary market is women experiencing abuse or immigrants, and we often support this market through our secondary market: purpose-driven, professional women.  One practical way we directly support our primary market is by using the revenue from our secondary market projects to launch others that support women in immigrant communities and women experiencing domestic abuse. More indirectly, we also support women of many marginalized groups; whoever the primary market of the women whose businesses flourish under our projects become our market as well. We hope to support a diverse set of business owners so that we amplify voices perhaps otherwise unheard.

FYP Meeting

We're here to help expand the internet and resources to women who aren't able to get them

We aim to empower the whole woman. Using a holistic approach, our website will include resources that inform many facets of a woman’s life such as health, mentorship, housing, business training, inspiration, nonprofit service, and community organization access. We believe that all people deserve access to opportunities that sustain their independence.