Check Out Our Elevate! Women-Owned BINGO Board Below

Our method is simple…

Listening to women’s needs + curating and connecting women to relevant resources and people + building community = Elevation! 

Elevate! is a community network group that focuses and aims to provide purpose-driven womxn with empowerment, support, & tools to elevate your personal and professional life. Elevate! is founded on the basis of inclusion for any woman seeking a supportive community that grows together. Elevate!’s mission is to give women the foundation tools for transformational growth in all areas of their lives, to share Ivy’s personal experiences and wisdom from her own journey, and to build and strengthen our local community of purpose-driven professionals. Our network encourages women to approach all discussions and information with an open-mind. As always, our intentions for this network hold strong to Find Your Power’s values of connection, authenticity, positive social impact.

We hope that as a member you share these values and look forward to engaging with you and creating beautiful and blossoming relationships that not only fill your cup, but fill ours too!