Reframe: Make it a Phoenix January

By Geoffrey Ayers If 2020 was the roaring lion, a thrashing and angry cat lashing out at the world, then let’s make 2021 the fiery and defiant Phoenix. I mean, 2020 really kicked our collective butts. From the frontline EMS workers forced to work sixteen hour shifts, to the grocery store stockers keeping the shelves…

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Turn A New Leaf: Finish Your Year Strong

By: Rachel Ruff “The most beautiful thing in this whole world is not made up of particles. It’s the strength of a person who has seen the collapse of their world, yet every morning, they wake up and build their life, all over again.” These past six months have been anything but “normal”. What is normal…

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How To Find Freedom In Letting Go of Expectations

By: Anna Berger Something I wish someone told me when I was eighteen and just starting college would be, “Don’t hang onto the expectations you have coming in.” Over the past few months, I’ve had time to ask myself many questions about my own expectations. How did they come about? Are they influenced by society?…

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